Seminar (セミナー)2023.6. 7 Praveen Srivastava (IIT Roorkee)

The following seminar by Dr Praveen Srivastava (Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee) will be held on June 7th, 2023. The language is English.

Lecturer : Praveen Srivastavag (Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee)
Place: Meeting Room B (first floor), Center for Computational Sciences
Date/Time: June 7th (Wed), 13:45 PM
Title: Ab initio no-core shell model study of lighter nuclei
Abstract: In this talk, I will present no-core shell model results of B[1], C[2-3], N [4], O[5], F[5], and Ne [6] isotopes for energy spectra, electromagnetic properties, and point-proton radii using realistic NN interactions. We have used inside nonlocal outside Yukawa (INOY), charge-dependent Bonn 2000 (CDB2K) and the chiral next-to-next-to-next-to- leading order (N3LO) and optimized next-to-next-to-leading order (N2LOopt) interactions. We observed better results for INOY interaction in terms of the binding energies of the ground state, and overall all other interactions provide good agreement with the experimental low-energy spectra. Our results for reduced M1 transition strengths and magnetic moments are close to the experimental values. We found that for long-range observables such as the E2 transition strengths, the electric quadrupole moments, and the point-proton radii (rp), we need higher Nmax calculations to obtain results comparable to the experimental data. In the figure we have shown NCSM model space corresponding to Nmax=0 and 2 calculations.

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Language: English