Seminar (セミナー)2022.11.17 Miyagi, Takayuki (TU Darmstadt)

The following seminar by Dr Miyagi (TU Darmstadt) will be held on November 17th, 2022. The language is Japanese.

Lecturer : Takayuki Miyagi (TU Darmstadt)
Place: Workshop Room (first floor), Center for Computational Sciences
Date/Time: Nov 17 (Thur), 15:00 PM
Title: Neutron skin of 208Pb from first principles
abstract:The neutron skin thickness could be crucial to constrain the nuclear equation of state (EoS). According to the mean-field type studies, the neutron skin of 208Pb is known to be strongly correlated with the slope parameter of the neutron matter EoS, motivating neutron skin thickness measurements. From this background, an ab initio study can be a good test of the correlation. Furthermore, it is interesting to see if the ab initio calculations can narrow down and predict the neutron skin. With the recent progress in the ab initio theory, such as underlying nuclear interaction, uncertainty quantification, and emulator technique, predicting the neutron skin of 208Pb becomes feasible. In this talk, I will introduce the recent progress and show the prediction for the neutron skin of 208Pb.
Language: Japanese (日本語)