Lecture (講義) 2022.10.11, Dr Morten Hjorth-Jensen (Oslo/MSU)

A series of lectures are delivered by Prof. Hjorth-Jensen (Oslo/MSU) as follows:

Date/Time: 10:00 am – 15:30 pm, October 11th (Tue), 2022
Place: Workshop Room, Center for Computational Sciences, University of Tsukuba
Lecturer: Dr Morten Hjorth-Jensen (Oslo Univ. / Michigan State Univ.)
Title: From Linear Algebra to Machine Learning: Ten Central Algorithms for Studying Quantum Mechanical Many-Particle Problems
Abstract: In this series of lectures we outline central algorithms for studying quantum mechanical systems, with an emphasis on both computational and pedagogical aspects. Using simple systems that allow for analytical solutions, we show how one can move from linear algebra and eigenvalue algorithms using for example full configuration interaction theory, to stochastic methods like variational and Diffusion Monte Carlo approaches and finally, how we can use Monte Carlo methods together with deep learning algorithms. Along this journey we will present ten central algorithms which have changed considerably the way we study interacting many-particle systems. These algorithms span from Householder’s famous transformation of matrices, via iterative eigenvalue solvers to neural networks and automatic differentiation for optimizing multidimensional functions. Codes and jupyter-notebooks are provided, allowing thereby people to experiment and practice the various methods.

This lecture is given in English.


日時:2022年10月11日(火)、10:00 ー 15:30
場所:筑波大学計算科学研究センター 1F, 国際ワークショップ室